Isostatic Pressing Services teams with companies intent on improving the power, efficiency, and reliability of modern automotive technology.

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When we consider the automotive industry and the technology that enables it, many of us think solely of supercharged engines roaring beneath aerodynamic frames as drivers circle noisy racetracks in quest of a checkered flag.

Isostatic Pressing Services knows all about it. High-end automotive and motor racing components, such as cylinder heads, valves and turbocharger rotors are hot isostatically pressed. This pushes the performance limits of these engine components to the extremes of high loads and high temperatures.

Those impressive machines and the HIPing processes that help build them certainly play an essential role in the evolution of automotive technology and its expansion and integration into the mainstream.

HIPing for All Automobiles

The truth is the automotive industry as a whole is made up of innumerable parts and people that have nothing to do with racing.

For instance, even everyday family automobiles benefit from the HIPing process. How? Just to take one example, the HIPing process improves turbo rotors for small, high-efficiency engines.

Casting parts and solidifying and improving engine components for the automotive industry is a big part of what we and our sister companies do.

Hot isostatic pressing continues to prove itself an invaluable part of the automotive production process, especially for these types of complex and high-performance applications.

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Isostatic Pressing Services, the newest member of our family of companies, is based in Oregon City, Oregon. Our other companies are Isostatic Toll Services (ITS) in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and American Isostatic Presses (AIP) in Columbus, Ohio.

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