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Power generation and hot isostatic pressing: a match made in the laboratory. The complex machines powering our energy infrastructure rely on hot isostatic pressing to ensure all of the moving parts perform optimally and deliver power to our homes and businesses.

Hot isostatic pressing is commonly used in the production of the parts in natural gas turbines. Aeroderivative engines are one of two types of gas turbines used in power plants. These intricate machines were created using the jet engine as a model. These are generally smaller and produce less output than their bigger counterparts, heavy frame engines.

Recent innovations in technology have allowed gas turbines to have extraordinary fuel to power efficiency by operating at an incredibly high temperature. Hot isostatic pressing allows for components of these turbines to operate successfully.

Now, as we enter the third decade of the 21st century, hot isostatic pressing continues to provide solutions to power generation conundrums.

Isostatic Pressing Services: Ready when you are!

  • Fast turnaround
  • Precise, computer-controlled with hard disk data logging
  • Low cost
  • Quality assurance
  • Numerous shipping options
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians and engineers
  • System capabilities:
    • 1260 degrees Celsius in argon
    • 30,000 psi
    • Molybdenum furnace capable of 1260 degrees Celsius in argon
    • 10 degrees Celsius per minute heat ramp
    • Temperature gradient: +/- 10 degrees Celsius
    • Pressure control: +/- 250 psi
    • Stainless steel load shelves
    • Alumina plates (to prevent sticking)

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Isostatic Pressing Services, LLC is the Oregon City, Oregon, outpost of our family of companies. It’s also the newest of our locations. The others: Isostatic Toll Services (ITS) in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and American Isostatic Presses (AIP) in Columbus, Ohio.

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